Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Indian design of sending its Army to Bangladesh

A Dhaka-based weekly quoted Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s Special Envoy Satinder K Lamba as saying on April 5 (2012) that terrorists and insurgents continue to operate from Bangladesh, despite the government's efforts to contain them. "There's a need to sustain the current levels of cooperation to jointly eradicate the menace of insurgency, terrorism and militancy from our soil," he said, while delivering the keynote address at the Fourth India-Bangladesh Security Dialogue, organized by the Observer Research Foundation.

The weekly alleged “After successfully extracting series of one-sided benefit from the current ruling party in Bangladesh, policymakers in New Delhi has now stepped into its next phase of plan of putting pressure on the government of Sheikh Hasina in allowing Indian troops to enter Bangladesh territory for starting joint operations against terrorists, insurgents, militants and criminal elements.” Neither India nor Bangladesh government yet objected Lamba’s assertion, what is unfortunate as well as awesome. Silence of the concerned partners signals that the message of Lamba bears some merit.

The excuse that Lamba made is lame and unacceptable in one hand, as well as worrisome and disturbing on the other. It is not for the first time that Indians uttered such irresponsible and baseless allegation against Bangladesh, but earlier never nakedly dared to say, what it says now, that Indian army is needed to be stationed in Bangladesh. For decades, India keeps raising such baseless allegation even mentioning the locations (along with maps) of the alleged terrorists’ camps. Bangladesh repeatedly searched and investigated those locations and found that those sites were either paddy field, or stadium, or school, or tank or river, or market, and so on and so forth. Bangladesh even invited India to send its concerned personnel to see for themselves and conduct joint investigation to justify their allegation whether there was such camps in the locations/addresses what they officially sent to Bangladesh. But India never accepted that offer.

Let us accept for the sake of debate that Indian allegation is genuine. Still will it be justified to send Indian Army to Bangladesh? Will the international community, not to speak of the Bangladeshi people, welcome such intervention under any excuse? India should, at least, put pressure on Bangladesh to expel those terrorists, if any, from her territory. India could even raise the issue before the regional forum like SAARC and international body UNO. India can even seek international observers to oversee Bangladesh-India border. But India cannot march or push its soldiers to Bangladesh availing any controversial treaties or commitments, as they don’t ventilate the hopes and aspiration of the people of Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people will never agree to sell out their sovereignty and independence to any power under the cover of friendship.

It is known to all that India itself is the safe harbor of the terrorists and secessionists who operate from India to her neighboring countries. India shelters and assists the Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan, Burmese, Nepali, Tibetan, Pakistani, Afghan and Maldivian terrorists, secessionists and anti-social elements. India provides them shelter and training inside its territory, other than money, arms and ammunitions and explosives. None of these countries ever argued to send troops to India to wipe out those terrorists or secessionists.

It needs to be mentioned if any terrorist group exists in Bangladesh, they are simply India-sponsored and India-financed. All types of arms and ammunitions, explosives that were recovered in Bangladesh on several occasions were pushed from India. Those who belonged to JMB (Jama'atul Mujahideen Bangladesh) and were hanged in Bangladesh confessed that they got arms and explosives and even training from Indian intelligence agencies. India started Sri Lankan civil war. It squeezes Bangladesh, destabilizes Maldives, ransacks Pakistan, weakens Nepal and disturbs Myanmar (even China sheltering and using Dalai lama since 1959).

The next question is this how the terrorists operate from Bangladesh, as India fenced most parts of its border and deployed hundreds of thousands of BSF and even Army personnel in her bordering areas. Indian BSF kills our innocent people almost daily. How do the terrorist cross the border to and from Bangladesh territory? Could BSF or Indian Army ever catch or kill even single terrorist? It is the Bangladesh government that nabbed them (freedom fighters) and handed over them to India. So India has no face to table such claim. Still if India is cocksure that such terrorists or extremists are operating from Bangladesh against India, it can simply ask the government with documents to nab the terrorists. But India has no right to put pressure on Bangladesh to allow Indian Army to enter or stay in Bangladesh.

In stead of blaming others for nursing terrorists against India, she should fix her internal problems. India’s internal adverse situation and colony-style administration fuel terrorism in India. India is a home of terrorists, extremists, fundamentalists, communists, communalists, racists. Secessionists who are active in eight states from Nagaland to Kashmir to cede their regions from Indian claws are termed as terrorists. India could not defeat them in 65-year history of India. India doesn’t have any logic to blame us for over one hundred secessionist (whom India terms as terrorists) organizations that are active in our neighboring Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Arunachal Pradesh. Let India herself defeat them. It is India’s own problem. It is an illogical bid to station her troops to any country to fix her own problem. As India failed to eradicate the freedom fighters of our neighboring regions how it will do it stationing its troops in our soil.

If any Indian terrorist group is active in Bangladesh, Bangladeshi security agencies are strong enough to tackle them. Our Army personnel, under UN Peacekeeping Mission, already earned huge reputation and acclamation of the international community for their heroic role in combating terrorism in the disturbed regions around the world. They also did the same in dealing with the India-sponsored Chakma terrorists in CHT (Chittagong Hill Tracts) that India armed, financed, trained and sheltered to cede one-tenth of Bangladesh territory what is an integral part of Bangladeshi since prehistoric era. In doing so Bangladesh didn’t impose emergency, or martial law in CHT and didn’t enact any barbaric law like POTA (Prevention of Terrorism Act) or TADA, (Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act) or UAPA (Unlawful Activities Prevention Act) or AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act 1958) or any other inhuman barbaric law what India did in case of Punjab, Kashmir, and neighboring regions of Bangladesh. Still our Army successfully contained secessionists and terrorists in CHT without Indian help. So, Bangladesh is strong enough to wipe out the Indian nationals from our soil and we don’t need Indian Army in Bangladesh as they (Indian Army) failed to subdue them in India itself. It is the duty of the Indian government not to allow the Indian terrorists to enter Bangladesh. Insurgency or terrorism or communalism in India is her internal problem and India should find its solution within her territory. Its intention to launch so-called joint operation inside Bangladesh is a laughable story and a tactic to station its troops in Bangladesh and crush the nationalist elements in order to merge Bangladesh in course of time. The short-term goal of such deployment is to keep the pro-India elements in power to reach that goal.

Now, according to Indian version, most trusted government headed by Sheikh Hasina is in power and India managed to fetch maximum one-sided key advantages virtually giving nothing to Bangladesh in exchange. Still India is not contended. India genuinely feels that if the pro-India heavyweights in Dhaka are removed, the next ruling class may not akin to the controversial covert and overt treaties what the incumbent government signed. Indian policymakers publicly declared that Bangladesh would not be allowed to get out of Indian radar anymore. This is inner why India wants to deploy its forces to continue its undesired influence and supremacy on Bangladesh. Observers opine that those who now rule Bangladesh are also desperate to remain in power and they may agree to invite Indian Army to crush the pro-nationalist opposition activists branding them as terrorists, militants and criminal elements.

Mentionable that Indian Army entered Bhutan in 2003 to dismantle ULFA (United Liberation Front of Assam) camps in Bhutan. But Indian Army still stays in Bhutan though there in no ULFA cadre in Bhutanese territory. India designs to act same drama in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the region. India itself sends its agents or recruits agents to create a situation to intervene in her neighboring countries. All the neighboring countries of India are the victims of India’s notorious game.

Under such circumstances, all the neighboring countries of India should form a unified coalition to thwart India’s hegemonic designs and punish her for her misdeeds. India should no longer be allowed to disturb its neighboring countries. Let all of us be united to resist this sinister demon. Let us stop and bridle it in advance to deter the emergence of unimaginable bloodshed in South Asia that will occur after India’s step to enter Bangladesh.

So far I guess the common people of Bangladesh will never welcome Indian Army to our soil. Our people will treat them as enemy army and simply resist them at any cost. This is our historical heroic tradition. We seldom welcomed foreign domination. Foreign exploiters using local tentacles temporarily succeeded in dominating us, but they were ultimately beaten back. It was the Bengalee Muslims named Titumir, Fakir Maznu Shah, Shariwat Ullah who were the first in the Subcontinent to wage anti-British resistance. The Hindus stood against the British Rule basically in early 20th century which was started to foil the partition of Bengal in 1905 that according to the Hindus was tilted to the interest of the Muslims. Anti-India sentiment now is far stronger than that of Pakistan period, as the Bangladeshis extremely annoyed and tormented at India’s ugly behavior and hegemonic policy against Bangladesh. Indian soldiers will face more ferocious and tougher resistance in Bangladesh than their Pakistani counterparts (soldiers) faced in 1971.

Indian policymakers should restudy our history and feel our psyche, our spirit and zeal for freedom. Bangladesh is not a country of Landuf Dorjee, whose annexation (of Sikkim) went unchallenged. Bangladesh is a challengeable region. Pro-India elements though rule Bangladesh, its people will not honor or welcome physical presence of Indian Army. What India gained from Bangladesh using its surrogates, will lose that once Indian Army enters Bangladesh. Moreover, our crusade against India will not remain confined to our territory; it will rather engulf our neighboring regions where people are fighting to get out of India and it will lead to the subdivision and fragmentation of India.

It will not be out of place to remind all why India designs to send its army to Bangladesh. Withdrawal of Indian troops in 1972 from Bangladesh was beyond its intention and policy. India’s former President Giani Zail Singh (1982-87) in his last interview as President with a Calcutta-based weekly ‘SUNDAY’ (July 25, 1987) mourned saying “Decision of quick withdrawal of Indian troops from Bangladesh in 1972 was not judicious one. It hampered the interest of India. We could not protect the interest of the country withdrawing our troops hurriedly.” This is the inner reason why Satinder K Lamba exposed Indian intention saying to station Indian troops in Bangladesh. Once they can enter Bangladesh will never leave it.

I earnestly appeal to all the Bangladeshi expatriates around the world to remain vigil about Indian game and play active role in mobilizing worldwide public opinion to undo Indian design. Let us bring the issue to the notice of all the international and regional forums, including the governments of the respected countries where we presently reside. Let us foil Indian design of sending its Army to Bangladesh and save our country from disaster. If such unfortunate event is allowed to occur the world will experience the worst and most horrible genocide in South Asian region that never happened earlier.