Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Truth Behind Twelve Twenty-Nine (12/29/2008)

The cat is out of the bag. The truth of 12 /29--- that is the December 29 (2008) Elections in Bangladesh---is now open to the public. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reminded Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh in a tele-talk on January 15 that the ‘Madam Prime Minister’ should be mindful of the way she came to power. It was an Indian arrangement, supported by then Bush administration of the US. The transcripts of conversation were leaked in the US and found place in a few media outlets in Bangladesh. Some skeptics did doubt the authenticity of the talks; however, to my knowledge no official challenge came from Washington or Dhaka yet. Shafik Rehman of Jai Jai Din fame wrote a very interesting analogy to the reported conversation, which he termed as ‘Hillaryleak’, drawing a reference from the now famous Wikileak of cyber wizard Julian Assange. For ready reference to Rehman’s explanation, please visit the following link: http://opinion.bdnews24. com/ 2011 /02 /02 /from-wikileaks-to- hillaryleak/ It is difficult to ignore the reasoning put forward by Rehman. Apparently, US Ambassador in Dhaka James Moriarty informed his Home Office that the on going investigations and trial process of the War Crimes in Bangladesh were not following the correct procedures; it was geared more to serve partisan interests. US State Department sent Ambassador Stephen Rapp to Bangladesh to ascertain and report on the issue. He confirmed the reports of Ambassador Moriarty and addressed a press conference in Dhaka on January 13 , 2011 to say that Bangladesh needed to revise and reform the War Crime Law in keeping with international norms. The unpleasant findings of the two US ambassadors prompted Clinton to make the call to Hasina. Two things came clear from the Hillaryleak: 1. Sheikh Hasina’s administration was following Indian advice, if not agenda, on the much-touted trial of the War Criminals of 1971. 2. The December 29 , 2008 election was a deep-rooted conspiracy by India, with the support of the US, to ensure Awami League’s victory. And, then army chief, the mastermind behind the almost- military takeover on 1 /11 , and the ‘great patriot’ General Moeen U Ahmad---who has now found a safe sanctuary in the US---was the front man in the conspiracy. During the Moeen-sponsored emergency, many people voiced concerns that a conspiracy involving local and international elements was afoot to frustrate the democratic process in Bangladesh with a view to favoring a particular party and a vested group. The result of December 29 , 2008 was something the Bangladeshis had never seen since Sheikh Mujib’s partisan election in 1973. In fact, the chief of the Election Commission did brag on presenting a 1973- like elections in 2008. Few missed the joke that Moeen’s ‘ computer-driven military efficiency’ and the Election Commission’s ‘excellence per se’ produced a 95-102 % voter turnout! Consequently, Awami League led Mohajote bagged a dictatorial majority in the parliament. And, indeed, the party has since been running the show in a virtual autocratic manner that, according to many, surpassed that of Hasina’ s father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s own in 1972-75. The result of the past two years’ rule in the country confirms the fact that the conspiracy fear was not a mere cry of wolf. The country saw a BDR mutiny---most say a stage-managed one---resulting in the massacre and elimination of scores of brilliant senior army officers. Indian BSF has had a free hand in target shooting the Bangladeshis on a daily basis, not mentioning the ‘Felani’ brutality, which one cannot even complain. The arrests of many locals who tried to speak for Felani are a case in point. While Bangladesh is being cordoned from all sides by wire fencing, yet it has no crib in allowing Indian legal or illegal border trades. The current administration did not even blink for once to provide the country’s ports for Indian use and roads for Indian traffic or transshipment. It swallowed one billion US Dollar bait from an Indian private bank on hard terms to facilitate Indian business and transshipment. Interestingly, all these facilities would be made by India with Indian materials, resources and experts but to be paid by the poor Bangladeshi taxpayers. Most of the 52 rivers of Bangladesh are drying out, because water is diverted upstream in India rendering the lower riparian areas virtually deserts with insurmountable economic, social, ecological and environmental consequences. Bangladesh has no voice to complain for all these, because its destiny does not seem to be in its own hands. The history of the country’s liberation war has been re-written to give it a partisan stamp, thanks to an obliging judiciary. The RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, is openly operating in Bangladesh. It ensured that the military, police and other law enforcing agencies, bureaucracy, judiciary, education, business, and in fact all aspects of life, are filled with pro-Indian elements. Is it not time Bangladeshis wake up and see what game the current administration of Bangladesh and its sponsors are playing? Question arises: who owns this country---- Bagladeshis or Sheikh Hasina’s oveseas sponsors? Can we call ourselves sovereign under the circumstances? From the Hillaryleaks, one can assume that the Election of Twelve Twenty-Nine was a farce and conspiratorial. Therefore, the result of the elections was invalid and the follow up government illegal. As such, Bangladesh has been under an illegal administration since January 2009. To clarify the matter, as well as to challenge the above assertion, the administration should immediately constitute an independent commission to find facts and make available to the public a White Paper on the Election on December 29 , 2008. Let the people know the truth of Twelve Twenty-Nine. The people of Bangladesh should not pay for the greed and follies of others, if there was a conspiracy. The country needs to be saved before it is too late!

Felani Leaves Many Questions Behind: Who Controls Bangladesh?

It is very unfortunate that Bangladeshis are not allowed to express their anger originated due to the brutal murder and subsequent hanging the dead body of unfortunate, Felani a 15- year old Bangladeshi maiden. This barbarity unquestionably moved those around the world who have minimum sense of humanity. Police arrested one Sirajganj-based leader of BNP (Bangladesh National Party) and nine other activists of JCD (Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal) of Kusthia. They were arrested on charge of carrying posters with a caption - Felani not hanging, Bangladesh is hanging. Police, however, claimed the posters had some derogatory remarks against the foreign minister Dipu Moni. If this claim is true, yet police should know it that Dipu Moni is not a goddess who can’t be condemned for her utter failure to read the feelings of the Bangladeshis, as she failed to lodge immediate and appropriate protest against India’s barbarous cruelty. Her office took 10 days to call the Indian High Commissioner in office that expressed soft- worded merely phony reaction. It is clear Dipu Moni’s office showed its inability to condemn India, or seek the punishment of the BSF personnel or compensation for the fateful family of Felani. Dipu Moni, being the foreign minister cannot deny her failure and inability in ventilating the feelings and agony of the Bangladeshi people. Felani’s hanging corpse on Barbed wire Knowledgeable sources allege the foreign office is heavily influenced, even guided, by India and the silence of the foreign office, particularly over Felan’s tragic murder, uncovered this reality. The role of the foreign minister threw a question-mark on the sovereignty of Bangladesh. Her performance was neither appreciable nor representative that resented, even disheartened, the cross-section of people. So the people deserve and preserve the right to express their resentment and agony in whatever way they prefer to do. It may be a demonstration, rally, poster, poem, novel, drama, film or so on. None should deny this fundamental right of the people. People are not anyone’s servant; rather a minister is meant to the people and country. The foreign minister should have resigned immediately after her failure in tuning to the peoples’ sentiment. It questions her integrity to her duty and responsibility. The foreign office, would have immediately asked India to : 1. explain under what situation Felani was killed and her dead body hanged on the barbed fence 2. seek pardon for such uncivilized misdeed 3. compensate to the loss of Felani’s bereaved family 4. punish those BSF personnel who were involved in the tragic episode 5. control BSF to refrain from committing such nefarious act in future . Critics allege, the foreign office, better to say, the sitting government policy, seem to be committed not to annoy India by words and deeds. They allege, Dipu Moni turned our foreign office to the Bangladesh chapter of India’ s external affairs ministry. The performances of the government repeatedly exposed this reality. If the government was sincere in lodging appropriate protest and reaction, activists of any party would have not tried to paste posters condemning Dipu Moni, and India as well. In fact, the arrest of those who carried or pasted posters is itself a condemnable act that violates the freedom of speech and opinion, more precisely democratic rights. Bangladesh is not ruled by any military and autocratic dictator. The Prime Minister on several occasions (even in London) proudly claimed that her government is institutionalizing democracy. But her words are not ventilated in practice. Arrest of those who printed or carried or pasted or distributed the poster on Felani is contrary to democratic practice. Such arrest establishes two- pronged realities: the government does not practice democracy and it will not allow anyone to defame Indian hegemonic bullies. Felani at the cost of her life left many questions behind: who controls Bangladesh? Why Bangladesh government didn’t dare to condemn India? Why the Home Minister took 29 days to visit the house of Felani? Why government arrested those who through pasting and distributing posters on Felani’s murder ventilate their agony? Does the government have any acceptable and accurate answers to all these questions?


Moving out from the rotten apple and the addictions i guess its time wrote something sensible. When I came across this article in today's TOI it reminded me of the all those times when i searched on the net about RAW [ The Research and Analysis Wing .. not WWE] and found nothing. Here's me sharing some of the information which IS very interesting... The most essential element of RAW is that, even after being the premier intelligence agency of a country as big as India, it maintains such an amazing low profile. [ Search on Google for Research and Analysis wing .. there is no website for RAW.. the first link is wikipedia's article on RAW.. at least right now that is the case . ] No movie, serial, book has ever mentioned its name.. there have been no sensational interviews of RAW directors or ex-agents.. for that matter, after its inception, not a word has been said about it in the Parliament. Some days ago, some Tariq Ismail Sagar wrote a book on RAW and put it on sale on the Internet. Some dude from Kolkata bought it for 15 $. RAW immediately slapped some Customs Act on the fellow and confiscated the book. I heard the news today morning. When i opened the site the book was no more on sale. If RAW was able to track something as benign as the selling of a book over the internet, you could only imagine how effective their network is. There are very few sites which divulge information about it. A few years ago, the police hauled 320 kgs of RDX from J&K. Mumbai serial blasts required just 25 kgs of RDX. Most of RAW's work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Imagine what those 320 kgs of RDX could have done? Here are a few interesting facts [ coz they really ARE soooo few] associated with the RAW. - Its organisational structure is strikingly similar to CIA - It reports directly to PMO, not the MPs, not to the Parliament, not to the President either. - They recruit people from the IPS channels (so i have heard) and also directly from the universities offering their recruits proxy jobs.. obviously noone knows how, like wikipedia says, "Again, there is not a lot of information available about this" - RAW along with ISRO have 1.5 million images stored of every inch of india. India has had less than 1 metre resolution for quite some time now. [1 metre resolution means anything that is of the size of atleast 1 metre is visible to the satellite] - RAW agents used to be trained by KGB and Mossad, and more recently by CIA and MI-5. - RAW has many units working under it, but there is one particular unit, which indulges in the realms of internet [The Electronics and Technical Services(ETS)]. The funny thing is if you click on the wikipedia link for this, it says, " Article not found". I guess the ETS guys believe its better that the thieves do not know where the police is. Go Ahead. Search on Google for ETS. You wont find ANYTHING. As far as the international politics and crucial domestic affairs go, there isn't a single decision in which RAW is not involved at some level. Remember Israel ?? (its that country, which goes ahead and bombs its neighbouring Lebanon and US doesn't even curl its eyebrows). India and Israel have a long history. They have been working hand in hand, from sharing vital information to training each other's spies with latest techniques for decades. The story is such, that Pakistan, US and others had absolutely no idea that India and Israel are working together for a whole nine years from 1968 to 1977 until the piss drinking Morarji Desai became our prime minister. It so happened that Zia-ul-Haq (the then Pakistani General) was acquiring nuclear capability and it came to know that Israel had this intell'. In the mean time RAW informed Morarji Desai about this. Morarji Desai, like a five year old, went on and called up the general and told him, " General, i know what you are up to. RAW has provided me with all the details." This blew the cover over the RAW-Mossad Link. Im sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Im sure some RAW fellow will find this site and keep a tap on it.[JUST KIDDING.. :P]. But its amazing how they keep it a secret in a country of over a billion people.

High Times: The Story Of Yaba

Yaba, a seemingly innocuous word that has robbed the sleep of law enforcement agencies in the country. This small pill, whose name means " madness drug", a potent mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine, and often spiked with trace amounts of heroine, is now the narcotic of choice for addicts, especially those in the age range 18-30 years, across Bangladesh. Police officers say that they have arrested a large number of people in the last 10 years – especially from the eastern parts of the country – for trading, supplying and using various drugs. However, these arrests have failed to check the spread of yaba. Sources said that drugs like yaba, opium, heroin, phensidyl, pethidine, cannabis, weed, bhang, arousal pills, viagra, various tranquilisers, diazepam, marijuana, hash and cocaine, are freely available in the country. It has been suspected that these drugs enter Bangladesh from neighbouring countries, with the help of a section of political leaders and law enforcement agency members. According to intelligence sources, at least 200 syndicates are active in the country that smuggle and trade in yaba pills. Intelligence agencies have already submitted reports, in this regard, to the home ministry. In their reports, 10 syndicates and 31 yaba peddlers had been identified, who are known to smuggle and supply yaba tablets to peddlers across the country. Most of these peddlers operate their businesses from the eastern part of Bangladesh, and they are also involved in arms smuggling, the reports say. They are also involved in women and child trafficking, a highly placed source of the home ministry told The Independent. After receiving specific inputs from intelligence agencies, the home ministry had already issued directives to law enforcement agencies, border guards and local administrations for taking necessary steps, Advocate Shamsul Haque Tuku, the state minister for home affairs, told The Independent. “We’re trying to arrest the drug dealers, ” he said. An intelligence officer, on conditions of anonymity, said that street chemists or small- scale drug producers have been trying to reproduce yaba in their own backyards, due to the popularity of the drug. He cited the example of a bright Bangladeshi student, Milhan (Not his real name), who became a yaba producer, within three years. “Milhan is only 23, and is now flush with money earned from producing the drug,” said the intelligence officer. Being a brilliant student of chemistry, Milhan decided to study pharmacy, after completing his ‘A’ level exams. In 2007 , he got himself admitted in a university of Malaysia, where he had a Thai room-mate. Together, they had visited Bangkok, where Milhan got introduced to yaba. By this time, however, a series of highly publicised raids, had implicated some well-known business people in Bangkok. Milan returned to Kuala Lumpur with samples of yaba. Using his university’s well-equipped laboratory, he started to figure out the chemical composition of the drug, and after putting in a lot of effort, he separated methamphetamine from the junk, including sucrose, different essences and other complex chemical materials. After separating 20 gm methamphetamine from 800 gm yaba pills, Milhan planned to make a more potent yaba pill, by increasing the amount of pure methamphetamine, by using Alexander Shulgin’s formula for making methylenedioxymethamphetamine ( MDMA), popularly known as ecstasy. Meanwhile, on a visit to Bangladesh, Milhan figured out that local yaba pills contained a percentage of heroin. He discovered that 6 to 8 per cent heroin in these pills increase the intensity of addiction. These pills contain a very low amount of methamphetamine, he found out. Milhan traced the route through which these pills enter the country, and discovered that the Myanmar border is the haven for yaba smugglers. By hitting friendly notes with some dealers, he soon gained vital insights on how the business runs in Bangladesh.