Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Felani Leaves Many Questions Behind: Who Controls Bangladesh?

It is very unfortunate that Bangladeshis are not allowed to express their anger originated due to the brutal murder and subsequent hanging the dead body of unfortunate, Felani a 15- year old Bangladeshi maiden. This barbarity unquestionably moved those around the world who have minimum sense of humanity. Police arrested one Sirajganj-based leader of BNP (Bangladesh National Party) and nine other activists of JCD (Jatiyatabadi Chhatra Dal) of Kusthia. They were arrested on charge of carrying posters with a caption - Felani not hanging, Bangladesh is hanging. Police, however, claimed the posters had some derogatory remarks against the foreign minister Dipu Moni. If this claim is true, yet police should know it that Dipu Moni is not a goddess who can’t be condemned for her utter failure to read the feelings of the Bangladeshis, as she failed to lodge immediate and appropriate protest against India’s barbarous cruelty. Her office took 10 days to call the Indian High Commissioner in office that expressed soft- worded merely phony reaction. It is clear Dipu Moni’s office showed its inability to condemn India, or seek the punishment of the BSF personnel or compensation for the fateful family of Felani. Dipu Moni, being the foreign minister cannot deny her failure and inability in ventilating the feelings and agony of the Bangladeshi people. Felani’s hanging corpse on Barbed wire Knowledgeable sources allege the foreign office is heavily influenced, even guided, by India and the silence of the foreign office, particularly over Felan’s tragic murder, uncovered this reality. The role of the foreign minister threw a question-mark on the sovereignty of Bangladesh. Her performance was neither appreciable nor representative that resented, even disheartened, the cross-section of people. So the people deserve and preserve the right to express their resentment and agony in whatever way they prefer to do. It may be a demonstration, rally, poster, poem, novel, drama, film or so on. None should deny this fundamental right of the people. People are not anyone’s servant; rather a minister is meant to the people and country. The foreign minister should have resigned immediately after her failure in tuning to the peoples’ sentiment. It questions her integrity to her duty and responsibility. The foreign office, would have immediately asked India to : 1. explain under what situation Felani was killed and her dead body hanged on the barbed fence 2. seek pardon for such uncivilized misdeed 3. compensate to the loss of Felani’s bereaved family 4. punish those BSF personnel who were involved in the tragic episode 5. control BSF to refrain from committing such nefarious act in future . Critics allege, the foreign office, better to say, the sitting government policy, seem to be committed not to annoy India by words and deeds. They allege, Dipu Moni turned our foreign office to the Bangladesh chapter of India’ s external affairs ministry. The performances of the government repeatedly exposed this reality. If the government was sincere in lodging appropriate protest and reaction, activists of any party would have not tried to paste posters condemning Dipu Moni, and India as well. In fact, the arrest of those who carried or pasted posters is itself a condemnable act that violates the freedom of speech and opinion, more precisely democratic rights. Bangladesh is not ruled by any military and autocratic dictator. The Prime Minister on several occasions (even in London) proudly claimed that her government is institutionalizing democracy. But her words are not ventilated in practice. Arrest of those who printed or carried or pasted or distributed the poster on Felani is contrary to democratic practice. Such arrest establishes two- pronged realities: the government does not practice democracy and it will not allow anyone to defame Indian hegemonic bullies. Felani at the cost of her life left many questions behind: who controls Bangladesh? Why Bangladesh government didn’t dare to condemn India? Why the Home Minister took 29 days to visit the house of Felani? Why government arrested those who through pasting and distributing posters on Felani’s murder ventilate their agony? Does the government have any acceptable and accurate answers to all these questions?