Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Moving out from the rotten apple and the addictions i guess its time wrote something sensible. When I came across this article in today's TOI it reminded me of the all those times when i searched on the net about RAW [ The Research and Analysis Wing .. not WWE] and found nothing. Here's me sharing some of the information which IS very interesting... The most essential element of RAW is that, even after being the premier intelligence agency of a country as big as India, it maintains such an amazing low profile. [ Search on Google for Research and Analysis wing .. there is no website for RAW.. the first link is wikipedia's article on RAW.. at least right now that is the case . ] No movie, serial, book has ever mentioned its name.. there have been no sensational interviews of RAW directors or ex-agents.. for that matter, after its inception, not a word has been said about it in the Parliament. Some days ago, some Tariq Ismail Sagar wrote a book on RAW and put it on sale on the Internet. Some dude from Kolkata bought it for 15 $. RAW immediately slapped some Customs Act on the fellow and confiscated the book. I heard the news today morning. When i opened the site the book was no more on sale. If RAW was able to track something as benign as the selling of a book over the internet, you could only imagine how effective their network is. There are very few sites which divulge information about it. A few years ago, the police hauled 320 kgs of RDX from J&K. Mumbai serial blasts required just 25 kgs of RDX. Most of RAW's work goes unnoticed and unappreciated. Imagine what those 320 kgs of RDX could have done? Here are a few interesting facts [ coz they really ARE soooo few] associated with the RAW. - Its organisational structure is strikingly similar to CIA - It reports directly to PMO, not the MPs, not to the Parliament, not to the President either. - They recruit people from the IPS channels (so i have heard) and also directly from the universities offering their recruits proxy jobs.. obviously noone knows how, like wikipedia says, "Again, there is not a lot of information available about this" - RAW along with ISRO have 1.5 million images stored of every inch of india. India has had less than 1 metre resolution for quite some time now. [1 metre resolution means anything that is of the size of atleast 1 metre is visible to the satellite] - RAW agents used to be trained by KGB and Mossad, and more recently by CIA and MI-5. - RAW has many units working under it, but there is one particular unit, which indulges in the realms of internet [The Electronics and Technical Services(ETS)]. The funny thing is if you click on the wikipedia link for this, it says, " Article not found". I guess the ETS guys believe its better that the thieves do not know where the police is. Go Ahead. Search on Google for ETS. You wont find ANYTHING. As far as the international politics and crucial domestic affairs go, there isn't a single decision in which RAW is not involved at some level. Remember Israel ?? (its that country, which goes ahead and bombs its neighbouring Lebanon and US doesn't even curl its eyebrows). India and Israel have a long history. They have been working hand in hand, from sharing vital information to training each other's spies with latest techniques for decades. The story is such, that Pakistan, US and others had absolutely no idea that India and Israel are working together for a whole nine years from 1968 to 1977 until the piss drinking Morarji Desai became our prime minister. It so happened that Zia-ul-Haq (the then Pakistani General) was acquiring nuclear capability and it came to know that Israel had this intell'. In the mean time RAW informed Morarji Desai about this. Morarji Desai, like a five year old, went on and called up the general and told him, " General, i know what you are up to. RAW has provided me with all the details." This blew the cover over the RAW-Mossad Link. Im sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. Im sure some RAW fellow will find this site and keep a tap on it.[JUST KIDDING.. :P]. But its amazing how they keep it a secret in a country of over a billion people.