Monday, January 17, 2011

Power Politics Vs Defending National Interests

By killing hanging Felani, Indian BSF has demonstrated its standard of the ethics maintained by it. My question is - why BSF should not kill Bangladeshi citizens when: 1. Present Bangladesh Govt feels no responsibility for protesting such killings on our citizens. 2. Opposition Party feels no responsibility for protesting such killings. 3. Crores of Awami supporter citizens consider it as a legitimate action by Indain BSF and thereby feel no need of protest. 4. Even few months back, ex BDR DG General Moinul ordered BDR to shoot any smuggler or illegal border crosser...

5. BDR is demolished through Pilkhana massacre and newly formed BGB (BD Border Guard) is unable to counter aggressive BSF due to their lack of leadership, clear instructions, poor organization, inferior armaments, poor motivation, poor morale and some being pro-Awami League i.e. pro-Indians.

Thus we value the lives of our citizens !

Again, what responsibility we perform towards our poor citizens ?

Every year, more than 22000 women and children are trafficked from Bangladesh into India; most of whom are used for prostitution and inhuman slavery. Felani is one of them.

If our govt has no responsibility towards our citizens for ensuring their food, shelter, treatment, employment and survival as human being with dignity and honour, thousands of Felanies will continue to cross the border for hope of survival, suffer miserably in the hands of our friendly neighbours and get shot while returning to Bangladesh.

If we reflect, we will find that even BNP led govt also avoided any fruitful protest or measures in response to BSF's killing of our citizens.

I think, we should hold Opposition Party answerable for its failure to perform responsibility (which, by default, is reposed on any opposition party) regarding national issues.

People have the right to know what responsibility BNP has so far performed in preserving national interests when:

- Sk Hasina signed 50 points MOU with our neighbour surrendering national interests by giving transit, ports etc.

- Awami Govt signed illegal CHT Treaty with foreign agents and terrorists which is threatening our sovereignty and territorial existence.

- 57 Army Officers were brutally murdered at Pilkhana by foreign inspired agents who held secret meetings with Awami leaders such as Nanok, Azam, Barrister Taposh etc before the mutiny.

If the people of Bangladesh continue to allow power-hungry political parties to use their support in crossing the election barrier and then enjoy power & money by forgetting ensuring people's basic rights (food, clothing, shelter, treatment education), security, freedom of speech, justice and democratic rights; fate of our nation will never change whatever claim made by political parties of so called Unnoyoner Joar.

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