Monday, February 7, 2011

Bangobandhu Interntional Airport

Yes indeed it is high time to construct another international airport to recognize the father of the nation at the cost of human suffering, human hunger in one of the poorest country of the world.

Bangladesh is surviving just begging money from the outside world and subsidies from the citizens who are working abroad.There is no question that Bangobandhu is the father of the nation. But definitely father neither kill the children nor keep them hungry at the cost of his comfort and pleasure. Nation may or not have forgotten the events of 1973 created by Bangubandhu, his entourage, his relatives and his offsprings.Country was hungry; people did not have any food.

There was real famine in the country. To protest that Moulana Bhasani went on hunger strike along with his few followers. They were lying on the floor with only one pillow and one bed sheet in top floor of a multi storied building in MotijheelCommercial Area with minimum living facilities. I had the opportunity to visit Moulana Bhasani while I was visiting Bangladesh as his doctor along with Professor AQM B.Chowdhury and Dr. Azizur Rahman FRCS, ex-health minister of autocratic Ershed regiem.Bangobandhu walked into the room asked Moulana Bhasani “SIR EAT SOMEHING”.Moulana Bhasani shouted at him and told him “I WILL EAT WHEN ALL PEOPLE OF BANGLADESH WILL EAT .YOU GET OUT OF THIS ROOM”. Sk Majubar Rahman left the room. In the midst of this calamity Bangabandu declared the creation of BAKSAL. Majority of us know the story of creation of Baksal in middle of 1973.He celebrated the creation of BAKSAL with pomp and grandeur presiding the function for whole day in a well decorated high rising building in Motijheel Commercial Are just few blocks from the building where Bhasani was observing hunger strike in protest of famine in the country.

On the other side of the curtain his son Sk. Kamal and his relatives and entourage took over the country. Sk Kamal used to travel in the city of Dhaka with an open jeep and doing all kinds of misdeed like robbing bank, picking up the young girls in his jeep by force. He was shot by police while attempted to rob bank as police did not know that the robber is the offspring of Bangobandhu. He was treated secretly in the IPGMR under Professor Nurul Islam a pro Awami League/Bksal follower. This is eye witness news. These are the causes of premature demise of the father of the nation along with his family. This incident was a political revolution and political assassination. However no one accepts the premature demise of father of the nation and his family as Allah (ST) is the one who decides who will survive and who will die. But unfortunately this has happen.

Now if any one analyses current political situation under these two Begums then one will realize that currently country is ruled by Baksal with different face mask. Begum Khaleda Zia did same thing as Bangobandu did and that is why both the offspring of Begum Zia is under deep trouble. However Sk. Hasina’s children are out the country and living in North America as citizen of the country of their residence. But she is ruling the country in a hard fist as her father tried to do by attempting to create Baksal. But she has created Baksal in a different fashion. Whenever she becomes Prime Minister, her first job is to change the name of school, colleges, universities, meeting halls, bridges to his father’s name. Her second job is to find out the killer of her family forgetting her responsibilities to the nation as head of the state. Her third job to to go to overseas countries to beg as beggar. Of course nothing wrong in begging as whole world knows that Bangladesh is a nation of beggar. Unfortunately she neither mentions the four very close associates of her father who were assassinated while in jail nor dedicates any any public property in their name. It is a real dichotomy as they were actively involved for creation of Bangladesh just like her father.

Now she is not happy with designating the name of colleges, universities etc.,etc in the name of his father. So she wants to create another international airport outside Dhaka as Bangobandhu International airport.

Currently there are three international airports in Bangladesh and Bangladesh is 2 the size of the state of Illinois. State of Illinois has only one International airport. Dhaka international airport can handle 8000000 passengers per year. An airport is busy when every hour 60 or more aircraft take off or lands in the run way.

Currently Dhaka International Airport handles about 2000000 passengers. But statistics shows that Shah Jalal International airport handles only 10 aircraft per hour. So why the nation needs another airport?

Probably just to glorify the departed father of the nation. How much it will cost to build such airport? Who will pay for such construction? This will cost about Tk.50 crores.But in reality it will cost Tk.100 crores.Who will pay the bill? Money will come from other countries like China and Middle Eastern Countries. Sk Hasina will to go to these countries as a beggar. These countries will feel sorry and they will donate. Prime Minister will need 25000 Acres of land. That is almost one third or more area of the area of district of Munshingong or Manikgong.If Prime Minister SK. Hasina Mia acquires this much of land then what will happen to residence of these localities? Probably they will come to Dhaka and kind hearted prime minister will allow them to stay in her luxury house in Gulshan or in the official residence of Prime Minister and President Zillur Rahman. Big joke?? There will be tremendous influx of these displaced people in Dhaka City where already there no place to walk even. Lastly does she or her advisers/cabinet ministers know what will be the consequences of such acquisition of land? Currently unofficial population count of Bangladesh is 175 million.

By year 2025 population of Bangladesh will be 200 million in a country the size of the sate of Illinois. Did she ever think what will happen in 2025? She may or may not decide the destiny of the nation in 2025.Of course if she survives then she will decide the fate of the nation as Bengali Nation knows nothing but two Begums.

In fact nation may go to their grave yards to consult after their demise from this Holy Land the Bangladesh. She will see that in year 2025 people will build their hurt in the Bangobandhu International Airport as due to enormous population growth aircraft will not be able to land in the Bangobandhu International Airport. Lastly but not the least what will happen to Shah Jalal International Airport? Will this airport and the employee will be orphan? Probably will be orphan. But will survive. My question to the nation but not to Prime Minister Sk. Hasina Mia that instead of constructing another airport can that TK 50-Tk 100 crore can be spend for the well being of the poor people. Yes it can be and probably departed soul of Bangobandhu will be pleased to se that.

Also I understand that Bangobandu City will be built near the new airport. Who will reside there? The relatives of cabinet ministers and their enterouge will live their where poor gramin bhai used to live and used to make their daily living. They will be destitute just like “DI BIGHA JAMI OF TAGORE. What abeautiful democratic country????? .It is Baksal country of Bangobandu with different face mask.

It seems to me that Honorable Prime Minister Sk. Hasina Mia wants to change the name of every public property to her father’s name “BANGOBANDHU”.Such attempt to change of the name of every public property as BANGOBANDHU will be very expensive. I think most inexpensive way to show respect to the father of the nation is to change the name f the country as” MUJIB DESH”.Sorry, then what will happen to the second Begum. So best solution is let North Bengal be “ZIA DESH’ and East Bengal be” MUJIB DESH “and this will emancipate the nation. Then nation need not to memorize the names of airports,buildings,universities,colleges and various other institutions as there will not be any change of the name of the institutions, building and airports as those names of the public property will be permanent. Currently the names of public properties are changed with the arrival of new government. As for example the name of Zia International Airport which was existing for almost 29 years is changed to Shah Jalal International Airport as soon Sk. Hasina Mia took over the power. In fact I had trouble to buy ticket for my journey to Dhaka through internet as internet told no such airport by name Shah Jalal airport exists in Bangladesh.

Are the two Begums honest? Probably not. One begum while under so called custody of the care taker government, her doctors claimed that due to her hearing problem she may succumb to death if she does not get treatment in USA.I have never heard that a person dies due to loss of hearing. Not only she is dishonest her physicians are also dishonest. But as soon as she arrived in USA, she is not sick anymore and did extensive travel both in USA and outside USA.Where did she get the fund? Nation gave her. Second Begum stayed home though she was sick as she does not have visa of USA and other begum has probably Immigrant Visa of USA.However nation likes both of them and nation kisses their feet twice a day. This is real good news. But it is real fact that currently country is ruled by Baksal as per desire of Bangobandhu but in a different face mask.