Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gratefulness: Enough is enough

A renowned freedom fighter of 1971 war of Bangladesh and a retired General has reminded India that she should be grateful to Bangladesh for the Bangladesh freedom fighters aided India for defeating her enemy in 1971. I have not heard any other freedom fighter making as yet in about four decades such a plain and a straightforward reminder to India. What was repeatedly said by many and heard that Bangladesh must remain grateful to India forever as she freed Bangladesh with her Armed Forces. That was what even their present High Commissioner Pinak Chakravarty, as well, reminded all Bangladeshis in an open speech a few months ago.

The 1971 war had clearly two parties on the Bangladesh side, the Bangladesh Freedom Fighters and the Indian interests. The former group sought to have independence from Pakistan and the latter wished to ‘teach Pakistan a lesson’ by dismembering it. They had two different objectives but in reality turned into one goal against unity of Pakistan. The climax was the 16th December defeat of Pakistan Army in Dhaka and victory for the allied forces led by Indian General Arora.

There is a strong opinion that the Freedom fighters alone could bring about the victory, might be at some latter date, and further that a section at the top ruling elite in Pakistan wished to have excuse to let East Pakistan go off, sensing these facts from intelligence as that could have been, India took full advantage of the situation at about the opportune time to act and interfere as they did for perpetuating hold on Bangladesh politics, economy and culture. It was thus the unfortunate fait accompli not only for Bangladesh but also for the subsequent government dealing with de facto situation of helplessness in dealing with India as a sovereign country. The net effect was irresistible as they happened in the case of the 25 year treaty of subservience signed by the Bangladesh Government on the 19th March, the suicidal Border trade of 1972, the Indian dictated Constitution of 1972, the 1973 Berubari handover to India but failed to secure in exchange the TIN BIGH corridor sovereignty right, the Farakka MOU of 1974 that paved the way for the inequitable 30 year treaty of 1996, the CHT unfair treaty of 1996, etc.; and now the incoming inequitable and injurious for Bangladesh the Tipaimukh Dam of India, corridor being secured by India through Bangladesh that obviously threatens security and sovereignty of Bangladesh, taking hold on Bangladesh seaports and possibly unknown some more to follow soon to come.

In the last four decades Bangladesh had more than enough of debt servicing to India. It is now high time to tell them that enough is enough.

BY :   M.T. Hussain.