Monday, March 14, 2011

Dr. Yunus : Global Lighthouse : Hasina Tries To Destroy

Bangladesh Government Site Introduction: Dr. Mohammad Yunus is again the headline news of the World media with great honor. He drew the global attention for his visionary movement of supporting the poorest and most fragile class of the world through micro-credit, and gave millions of women all over the globe self respect and confidence. Again he has become the global news headlines of late as the Head of government of his own country spearheaded a vicious campaign to dislodge him from the very institution that he created and nurtured over the past 28 years, that brought immense fame and glory to our motherland unlike anyone else ever did. After calling Prof. Yunus in derogatory names, and when the government could not pin any blame for corruption or mismanagement of funds on him, the Prime Minister Mrs. Sheikh Hasina directed the Bangladesh Bank to relieve Prof. Yunus of his position of Managing Director of the Grameen Bank on age issue, required for mandatory retirement of Government officials. Gramen Bank is not government owned bank!! The board of directors of the Grameen Bank and Dr. Yunus have separately challenged the government action in the high court, and a judgment is expected this coming Sunday. It is a well known fact and we have seen this in the past two years how politicized the Judiciary has become, and there will be no surprise if the High Court verdict is coerced to support the the government decision. In the current situation, numerous countries including the US, EU, China, Islamic and other third world countries and various global leaders have expressed their dismay and deep concern for the mistreatment of the sole Bangladeshi noble laureate. It is interesting to note that we are yet to see any immediate reaction of the Indian Government!! US Secretary of states Hilary Clinton has invited Dr.Yunus to meet with her in Washington DC on 8 th March. There were discussions about World Bank and several other countries forming micro- credit Bank, and Professor Yunus' name was mentioned as possible Head of it's management or the Board. We have seen from the media report the reaction of the US ambassador Jim Moriarty after his meeting with the Finance Minister Mr. Muhit that the US Government is very much concerned with this development, and we understand it was also conveyed to the government in no uncertain terms all the support given to the Awami League enabling them to come to power during the last election. Yet our Foreign Minister, Ms. Dipu Moni tells the media the next day that she does not expect this incident to have any bearing in the US-Bangladesh relationship according to Daily Ittefaq. There were plan to have a significant partnership with General Electric and Grameen in the healthcare area, and it was expected that Mrs. Clinton was planning to attend the signing event along with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Now with this new development, it is unlikely that Mrs. Clinton will travel to Dhaka, and we will not be surprised if the entire deal unravels. Opinion with little analysis: Grameen Bank and Dr. Yunus is a regular news headline since March 2 nd, 2011 in Bangladesh and abroad. Reports are based on the facts of the government's action and the legal affairs of the Grameen Bank. I am of the same opinion with the analysts who focus the entire operation of Sheikh Hasina as absolute political and her personal interest based on sheer bias and hatred. That politics has both a national and international overtone. Hasina loves to enjoy the unchallenged and safe kingdom where she will remain in permanent premiership with none to question her authority, and her son Sajib to follow her after her passing. She is the sole agent of Indian power in Wajed Joy Bangladesh where United States of America, EU, Muslim states and China-Russia will keep continue the relation with her through Delhi government. No one should desire the independent relation with Bangladesh. India needs Bangladesh under absolute domination as their buffer state and in future as it`s part in Indian map as it was before 1947. Hasina acts as if she prefers that Indian blueprint. Sheikh Hasina has been ignoring to implement her commitment with the United States and playing as a political film gangster with the State department of U.S. She has been enjoying American support but serving Indian government interest far more then their expectations, as confirmed by the New Delhi sources. All her fake faces and games have now been exposed to the US Administration. Her blackmailing and dirty gambling are also well known to China and the Muslim Countries long time ago. Let`s go for short points of Circumstances: (1) Dr. Yunus contributed to tie up the close relation of Sheikh Hasina with the US government and their main policy makers, and arranged the US blessings for her and played vital role to elect her as premier with absolute majority in the national election in 2008. (2) For the growing economy in Asia-Pacific region Bangladesh deserves strategic priority for its geo-political location. In that perspective United States decided to pick Hasina to serve their interests in Bangladesh. But she has been serving absolutely Indian interests, black mailing the US supports and confronting Bangladeshi interests of military security and economic interests in inside and abroad nakedly. That gradually has turned their relationship cold and growing far apart. (3) Hasina is desperate to continue her loyalty with family and party followers to Indians as she believes RAW has brought her in   power and guides her in political and administrative designs. RAW for the first time manipulated the national election process of Bangladesh successfully and presented her a glorious victory. (4) RAW already set up base network with payroll agents 260000 and 6326 are from so called educated group, out of total agents 64970. These operatives are active from capital city to Upazillas across the country. (5) United States of America might support Dr. Mohammad Yunus as their next choice in Bangladeshi government or set him up as a staring adviser to future government as Hasina doubt lingers. Whereas she is dreaming to see her son S W Joy to follow her in premiership after her retirement or passage. Because of this plan, she has already ousted the heavyweight leaders from Awami league leadership and has brought RAW listed operatives in key position of the government, like Dipu Moni. et al. (6) Dr. Yunus might be the next alternative who proved himself as the model of honesty and an all rounder leadership and highly respected throughout the world. BNP is painted as loyalist party to the Muslims and Fanatic Islamic group and Zia family lost maximum of credibility in leadership for many reasons. The architect Army officers of one / eleven in Bangladesh might dramatically sell their support as they did in the past though still their position is in the same as it was with India after a dramatic monetary deal of almost $11 million US dollars as Delhi sourced. (7) Prime Minister and her son have been planning to grab Grameen Bank`s ownership where as Dr. Mohammad Yunus is the major obstacle for them with his managing capacity and global reputation. (8) Mr. Joy was found masked in Indian Airlines where he was disguised with the dress of Shikh before he got down from in Dhaka International Airport during Sheikh Hasina`s premiership that was witnessed by two European diplomats. Two faces of one VIP passenger who appeared as mafia and special protocol that was provided by the Indian security Marshalls caused embarrassment to the diplomats. However, such suspicious movement of Youngman Joy who has been privileged from the highest authorities of both India and Bangladesh that was enough to frustrate them, undoubtedly. (9) Mr. Joi also attended an IT conference in Bangalore last year, and made an under the table deal to enable Bharti Airtel to come to Bangladesh, and currently acting as their local Agent and has pocketed handsome amount paving their way to Bangladesh. He is now involved with them in the second undersea fiber optic line, and also making sure they do not need to participate in the 2 G auction with Grameen Phone and other operators. (10) In the recently held Telecom conference in Barcelona, Mr. Joi met privately with the CEO's of several Bangladesh Telecom Operators "privately" to negotiate the upcoming 2 G auction, and how they might leverage his " Consulting Services." (11) Mr. Joi, as the so-called self declared IT expert and IT Advisor to the Bangladesh Prime Minister is also very proactive to find a partner, who can refine the requirement for a Satellite and develop and sell it to Bangladesh, by making him "Happy." He has a front man, named Mr. Rick Rahim from Virginia, USA, who acts on his behalf in all such deals!! (12) Mr. Joi also joined Mummy Prime Minister during her trip to China in 2010 ,but was busy meeting privately with clients who later submitted bids for the Padma bridge and other Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Energy Tenders. He made sure all Chinese clients understood, that they make him Happy, if they wish to win any tender bids in Bangladesh while AL in power. (13) Mr. Joi was also instrumental in facilitating the sale of military hardware to Bangladesh Defense forces from Ukraine and Russia, and in return they made him a Happy Man for his highly successful Consulting Services!! However, India, as it aims to be a growing super power and it is greedy to bring the weak neighbor Bangladesh under her dominion. They have selected the moment to conflict US interests in Bangladesh as US is engaged in the Middle- East and African turmoil. Interesting fact is that China-USA- Muslim world and European Union don`t accept Indian control over Bangladesh, and India wants an absolute control over Bangladesh for the need of the Deep Sea Port and transit through Bangladesh to its Eastern Provinces. As done with the BDR shortly after her ascension to power, this latest episode with Dr. Yunus is part of a deliberate attempt on the AL Government to ensure there will be no one of world stature available to critique its eveil design in Bangladesh. All Military officials who had questioned the Prime Minister after the BDR massacre, were quietly removed from the Services and put to Jail and they are still in solitary confinement. Conclusion: Professor Mohammad Yunus was awarded the Noble prize for Peace as Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. He is not a follower to any political leader. Prime Minister of Bangladesh and her political party have been campaigning for long time against Prof. Yunus. Dr. Yunus was targeted by the Marxist political groups, then after the Muslim fundamentalists for his micro-credit concept to give emancipation to the women and to the poor. Now finally our Sheikh Hasina is after him, because she felt that she should be the rightful candidate to win the Peace prize after her work in the Tribal area. There should be a limit to political vendetta and personal animosity, and this should not be hatched at the expense of the country. Had Dr. Yunus wanted, he could be the Prime Minister of Bangladesh today, with full local and international support. But he simply wanted to serve his country and help the poor people of the world so they could live a dignity and self respect.