Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ULFA Supremo Paresh Baruah targeting unnamed Bangladesh Scholar to hunt down

At a time when India awaits for a strategic, strong and absoloute solution to the venomous problems of infiltration, insurgency and the various arms struggle at elsewhere India, the eye has suddenly shifted to the peace talk that has began between the Government of India (GoI) and United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA), which has fought so far a three decade of vigorous arm struggle under the one elusive man called Paresh Baruah for the Independence and Sovereignty of Assam. It has been well established fact that Paresh Baruah has reached the stage of hero worship and a few portion of the Assamese people rates him highly. But the question is whether Paresh Baruah is really a hero or something else!
From the initial stages from the birth of ULFA, neighbouring country Bangladesh has been a happy home for outfit. The then Government of Bangladesh came forward to help ULFA in its fight for Independence of Assam from India as Assam helped the Bangaladeshi rebel a great deal during the time they fought for their independence in 1971. Bangladesh was ULFA's safe home for over two decades, until the time ULFA General Secretary, Anup Chetia (still in Bangladesh custody) was arrested from this very safe ground. The arrest was a result of a strong pressure from the US Government on the Bangladesh Government.  It is also known that Anup Chetia was chased down from the UN, after he was not allowed to speak at a meeting organized by Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO); as his speech was opposed by Arundhati Ghose, a former Indian diplomat and aunt of rural development activist Sanjay Ghose who was killed by ULFA. After the arrest of Chetia, the pressure on the Bangladesh government increased to a great deal and it became evident that the ULFA leaders would soon be arrested or gunned down in armed operations. Bangladesh government was at a fix as they didn't know what to do, whether to keep their commitment with ULFA or succumb to the growing pressure of USA. They didn't do anything at the initial stages, but covered up Paresh Baruah to the secure most safety.
After the 9/11 terror attacks on US, the pressure to fight against terrorism became more stringent as US began a mission against International Terrorism, bombing of Afghanisthan is an example of that. The life of those ULFA leaders who were still at the open was in danger and there arose a question of safety of their lives. Then appeared at the scene an aged Bangladeshi Scholar, Litterateur, Diplomat and an Artist who mediated between the ULFA and the Bangladeshi Government and managed a safe passage of top ULFA leaders to Asom, India. These leaders after coming back to Asom have accelerated the Goi-ULFA peace talks and this is a good news and ULFA should be thankful to the man who has helped them immensely, but Paresh Baruah seems not to agree with that.
Source from Bangladesh has disclosed to Times of Assam that ULFA Commander in Chief Paresh Baruah is on a constant trail of this 85 years old scholar, putting his life in great danger, which also encouraged as well as Bangladesh Government to do the same. The former Diplomat is forced to look for his own safety by safeguarding himself against the Paresh Baruah's wrath, who for unknown reasons has become furious on this old man.  The man who helped the ULFA leaders in Bangladesh, must have never thought that one day he would be on a run from the same ULFA C-in-C for whom he has done so much. Does it also mean that Paresh Baruah is not so happy to see ULFA  at a negotiation table!