Thursday, April 14, 2011

Death Of Benajir And Pakistan A Failed State

Once again, Pakistan proved to be a complete failed state. Pakistan is done. Its existence until now is a rare miracle. Pakistan created based on Islami Jojba failed to unite the people of this country and proved mixing politics and religion is compared to mixing gasoline in fire.   I cannot imagine that we were part of this country for 24 years. Bangladesh is fortunate enough to be out of Pakistan equation in time.   My condolence and deep sorrow on the death of Benajir Bhutto, probably the last hope for Pakistan existed until today. What a tragedy, Mr. Bhutto was hanged, his eldest son Murtaza Bhutto was killed on a crossfire by Pakistan police, his other son was poisoned to death by military rulers and now the last post of the family Benajir Bhutto has been gun down!   On this day of 27 th December of 2007 , one can imagine clearly that Pakistan is dead. This country need to be buried for the sake of the world security as soon as possible. Pakistan is the breading ground of terrorist. Pakistan ’s prime export item is now nothing but terrorism in the name of Islam, which they randomly exporting to other part of the world especially to Muslim countries.   Bangladesh must take a lesson out of this immense failure of Pakistan that militarist adventurism or the religious brand of politics is destined to be a part of hell and certainly, Pakistan is a prime example of hell in the world. Bangladesh must make its all out effort to be free from the clasp of militarism as well as terrorism brand of religion based politics now more then ever before. Sooner we realize the better for the country.