Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thoughts On The Bangladesh Navy

Bangladesh is a land of rivers and has a long sea area around the border. No doubt we have a prestigious force like the Bangladesh Navy, an eternal vigilant of our country in the sea and in the coastal area. This organisation has a brilliant role in our Liberation War abreast the army and air force and they fought valiantly against our Pakistan enemies after the declaration of independence by our great leader Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1971. For that reason one of the highest prestigious title like “Birshrestha” has been entitled to Ruhul Amin, a proud member of our naval force. Apart from their day-to-day operational activities they are engaged in UN peace keeping missions in different countries. In this respect, I would request the concerned authority to take necessary steps to increase the participants in the UN missions to come. The members of this proud organisation are also playing a vital role in the different spheres in the country like Ministry of Home, Shipping and Foreign Affairs in different positions. Recently, Bangladesh has raised their demand in the UN to get equitable international sea areas surrounding her own territory and in this connection naval force can keep their important role. No need to mention further that like other developed naval forces of the world, Bangladesh navy has attained supremacy in the field of their modern training and equipment. The members of this institution are skilled in three dimensional activities, i.e they can perform in the sea, land and in the air as well. In this context, I want to add the recent declaration to make Bangladesh navy a full fledged force by our honourable premier Sheikh Hasina while she was visiting Khulna regional naval bases. This is a very timely declaration of our prime minister and as an ex cadet of the navy, I hope, all the members of this organisation will keep the prestige of our beloved, glorious Bangladesh by dint of their lives.