Monday, May 9, 2011

Where Is Shiraj Shikdar Now? Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

"Where is Shiraj Shikdar now?" boostfully said Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman standing at the sacred ground of the parliament house.Shiraj Sikder was killed without a trial so was Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Where are they now? Both are dead. Siraj Sikder was fighting against BKSAL dictatorship and Mujib was trying to establish his one party BKSAL Sheiklh dynasty. "Staff reporter reported, "Yesterday that is Thursday at the Chief Metropolitan (C.M.M.) Magistrate’s court a case has been filed against 7 persons as accused including Awami League leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Abdur Razzak, Tofayel Ahmed and Mohammed Nasim for the murder of Mr. Shiraj Shikdar, the leader of Purba Banglar Sarbahara Party. Mr. Sheikh Mohiuddin Ahmed, the President of Shiraj Shikdar Parishad has lodged the case. The accused were Sheikh Mujibur Rahman 1. Mr. Mahabubuddin Ahmed ex superintendent of police. 2. Abdur Razzak MP 3. Tofayel Ahmed MP 4. Mr. E.A. Choudhury ex IG police and currently the Chairman of Pubali Bank 5. Brig.(Retd) Kazi Nuruzzaman (Ex DG Jatiyo Rakkhi and Bahini and Ex Ambassador for Bangladesh in Sweden). 6. Mohammed Nasim MP & Co. "...on 1 st January 1975 Shiraj Shikdar along with another party member were arrested from New market area of Chittagong and the same day they were flown to Dhaka. They were brought to the old airport and from there they were taken to the headquarters of the special branch at Malibag under heavy escort and special security arrangements. There both of the captives were separated from each other and Shiraj Shikdar was subjected to inhuman torture. On 2 nd January evening he was taken to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman at Banga Bhaban by the police and the special squad of JRB in a hand cuffed position. At that time late Capt.(Retd) Mansoor Ali the then home Minister, all the accused, Sheikh Kamal Son of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Sheikh Fazlul Haq Moni his nephew were also present at the Banga Bhaban along with Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. At the very first sight Sheikh Mujib started abusing Shiraj Shikdar. As he protested all those who were present including Sheikh Mujibur Rahman pounced on him. Even at that point Shiraj Shikdar demanded from Sheikh Mujibur Rahman to take necessary steps to stop the bank robbery by Sheikh Kamal and various other misdeeds. He also criticized his policy of slavery of India. At this Sheikh Mujib’s anger heightened and he became extremely agitated when Shiraj asked him to take action against endemic corruption. At that point no 1 accused Mr. Mahbubuddin struck him on his head with his revolver. Shiraj Shikdar fell down. Sheikh Kamal lost his temper and shot at him in front of his father. The bullet hit his arm. Simultaneously all other accused started beating him, slapping him, kicking him right and left in front of their supreme leader as Shiraj Shikdar lay on the ground wounded. At one time he lost his conscience. After that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Capt.(Retd) Mansoor Ali and the other accused took the decision to kill Shiraj Shikdar and ordered No 1. accused to do the needful to execute the order. No 1 accused then took Shiraj Shakdar and brought him at the JRB headquarters at Shere Banglanagar. There he was tortured more. Later at about 11 p. m. on 2 nd January he was shot and murdered in the JRB headquarters in presence of all the accused. The report further stated that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as the head of the government in his statement at the national Parliament boastfully claimed, "Where is Shiraj Shikdar now?" "This was the clear manifestation of his revengeful attitude. Then No. 1 accused took his dead body and the members of the Special Squad to Savar police station Via Talbagh as planned. Next day his body was transferred to the Morgue. "Seven accused including Razzak, Tofayel and Nasim. Case filed for the murder of Shiraj Shikdar"