Monday, July 4, 2011

Religious fascism-a threat within

The urban youth, belonging to upper and lower middle class has developed themselves as brainless zombies, devoid of any reasoning and logic. They are all equipped with same set of absurd conspiracy theories with an extremely narrow and dangerous worldview

“The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views... which can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that need altering.”  --Dr Who
How true is the above quote in regard to prevailing fascist mindset deep rooted in Pakistani society. Yes, fascist tendencies could be found in any society. These are however fringed and alienated from mainstream. Besides, the state, law of land and society itself always remains vigilant about the activities of such fringed elements and never allow them to impose their views on others by use of any coercive tool. It is so because civilized societies are fully aware of the potential of this threat. They have observed and experienced the devastation done by fascist approaches for entire humanity and especially, for the societies that perpetuate such tendencies.
However, the case of Pakistan society vis-à-vis fascism is all together different. Here, fascism is not an isolated phenomenon. Instead, a significant chunk of the entire population including the majority of the urban middle class is now fully inflicted with this disease. The rests are also drifting towards this trend with an unchecked and alarming pace. The urban youth, belonging to upper and lower middle class has developed themselves as brainless zombies, devoid of any reasoning and logic. Their thought patrons are amazingly indistinguishable from each other. Yes, their looks and life style could be different. But they are all equipped with same set of absurd conspiracy theories with an extremely narrow and dangerous worldview.
These young educated but robotic type fascists act and behave in a similar patron. They would initiate their “presentation” in a polite manner. The “presentation’ would inform you that how the evil west is disturbed by the growth of Islam as they know that it’s the only true religion and destined to rule the world. They would tell you that western societies are on the verge of collapse and Islam is about to emerge as ultimate world power and that “they” are after our (Islamic) nukes and that democracy is satanic blah blah blah….. Well, if you are not impressed and you are not ready to buy these ‘arguments’, then you might be in trouble and if you are having some critical questions, you will be into deep trouble.

These little mullahs would frown at you and label you as ‘yahood-o-hanood ka agent’ etc. The risk of getting some thrashing cannot be ruled out as well. However, at street level, this fascism takes even worst shape and mob mentality would get unleashed even on a petty difference regarding sect or religion. Of course, this did not happened in a day. The madness of Islamization of Pakistan has a long history which took its ugliest shape during the undemocratic era of notorious Gen. Zia ul Haq. The religious fascism introduced by Gen. Zia has resulted as violent tendencies in society to the extent that people now feel no qualm in throwing rose petals on moron fascist killers like Mumtaz Qadri, the assassin of Governor Salman Taseer.

Any decent society would be ashamed on such acts but religious fascists in Pakistan with tacit or open support of society always desire the blood of innocents. The legal system of the country also encourages institutionalized hatred and persecution of weak and vulnerable in the society.  It is irony of the history that   religious persecution of non-Muslim minorities, ethnic tensions, language issues erupted soon after the creation of Pakistan. This hatred has systematically been nurtured and Public education is still poisoning Pakistani children with religious fascism.

The recent series of events is also evident that the state of Pakistan is in deep crisis and this crisis is emanated from the same religious fascism. The arrest of a serving brigadier and questioning of four majors of Pak Army for their alleged links with fascist Islamic group Hizb ul Tahrir (HuT) is only a tip of the iceberg.  The “dark forces” religious fascism have made deep inroads over the years in bureaucracy, Military and media organization as they have been recipient of enormous funding from the national and international players who wanted to promote ideology of hate to safeguard their vested interests.

The religious fascism in Pakistan that mainly comprises urban educated youth,perpetuated by unscrupulous civil, military and feudal elite has always abundant narcissistic supply. Traditionally, JI, JUI and various sectarian groups were faces of religious fascism in Pakistan. Now, some new faces could also be seen jumping on this bandwagon of cheap popular-ism. Mean and disgusting political opportunism shown by cult leader like Imran Khan and jihadi anchors and columnists (Especially in Urdu newspapers) are consistently nurturing this mad and blind fascism and thus digging a deep pit for their own coming generations. One wonders, how these so-called leaders and pseudo intellectual are unleashed to deliver speeches and write articles full of hatred and instigation to violence and murder.

For Pakistani nation, it is a high time for a serious soul searching and to get rid of neurotic fantasies and conspiracy theories. Till the point that it actually happens, these fascist would never be able to comprehend the realities and hence would not be able to live in peace and harmony with the rest of mankind. They need to accept that the threat to our national existence comes, not from outside, but from their own fascism.