Friday, August 26, 2011

People Has Rght To Know The Truth

In 2005, when I first wrote in Asian Tribune about Bangladesh, stating the big fishes of the then Hawa Bhawan were destined to go into extinct, as they were engaged in numerous forms of commercial and otherwise crimes, a section of the media turned annoyed. But, the government of Mrs. Khaleda Zia never turned vindictive on me, nor they ever tried to suffocate my opinion.

When the army controlled caretaker government came in power, most of the Bangladeshi writers were afraid of exposing the truth, especially the limitless financial crimes committed by a section of corrupt army officers and their family members. But, whenever I got an opportunity, I never hesitated in exposing the truth.

In 2009, in less than two month's of Mrs. Sheikh Hasina Wazed's forming the government, terrible murder of army 73 officers and humiliation of those female members of the officers took place right at the center of Dhaka city, at the headquarters of Bangladesh Riffles. Bangladeshi media this time, though tried their best to investigate the untold stories of this heinous crime, most of them missed the fact for various reasons. I am sure, the people of Bangladesh and many of the members of the armed forces, precisely know, the masterminds behind the Pilkhana massacre, as they also know the masterminds of the tragic 21st August grenade attack on Mrs. Sheikh Hasina's public meeting. It won't be difficult for anyone to understand, the grenade attack of 21st August was surely blueprinted by influential players of Bangladesh Nationalist Party's led Islamic coalition government.

National Security Intelligence (NSI) in Bangladesh intercepted telephone conversations of Tarique Zia, Ashiqul Islam (Hawa Bhawan official at PMO), HarrisChowdhury, Opu Siraj (son of Shahjahan Siraj), Giasuddin al-Mamun and a number of leaders of Jamat E Islami. Everyone was conspiring to create an uni-polar political system (similar as Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rehman's BKSAL) in Bangladesh, where secularist forces like Bangladesh Awami League would be totally eliminated. IfSheikh Hasina was murdered on that day, by now, Bangladesh would have slipped into the grips of Jihadist forces.

Because of limitless corruption of BNP and its extreme inclination towards Jihadist, members of Bangladesh Armed Forces were unwilling seeing this party back to power. That is why, possibly, election result in 2008 December, went fabulously in favor ofMrs. Sheikh Hasina.

But, instead of being grateful, she played different game. Main reason to pick up Bangladesh Riffles as the first scapegoat was to make Delhi delighted, as it was uncomfortable with BDR for what it did at Padua, by killing members of Border Security Forces (BSF) of India. The murder of BSF personnel at Padua, actually madeDelhi determined to take a proper retaliation from BDR. Now, definitely Delhi feels comfortable seeing 73 against 6 (73 Bangladeshi army officers killed against 6 Indian BSF jawans). They also are delighted seeing total elimination of BDR from existence. Possibly, this was the best gift from Dhaka to Delhi, as symbol of gratitude.

People never questioned why General Moeen U Ahmed never went for direct army offensives on BDR headquarters to tackle the mutiny and save lives of army officers. Let me remind, General Moeen has relatives in Florida and they have connection with "important" Bangladeshi figures living in the same state. Moeen was one of the master-planners of BDR conspiracy and he was simply giving time to the killers, for completing their "mission".

Some of the army officers, who came out of BDR headquarters alive, were later caught to have been having connection with the renegade BDR troops. Few of them, even communicated from inside the Pilkhana headquarters with a number of Awami League leaders as well as think-tanks. One such letter, sent over fax from BDRPilkhana headquarters was intercepted by army intelligence. That letter was sent to one of the pro-Awami League journalists, whose name starts with `M'. Surprisingly enough, neither that army officer, nor that journalist had ever been questioned by Criminal Investigation Department.

Anyway, I believe, this Pilkhana conspiracy will once again come into investigation and fresher trial, similarly as 21st August grenade attack, and I believe, many of the "George Miah"s will be cleared while real culprits will be booked.

Now let me focus another issue. When Mrs. Hasina formed government in 1996, the stock market witnessed serious scam, where thousands of small investors lost their capitals. This time again, same thing repeated. But, interestingly enough, none of the big fishes of this scam were ever touched by the government. Rather, Bangladeshi Finance Minister, Mr. Muhit termed the small investors, as touts and gamblers. One of the main accused of stock market scam, Lutfor Rahman Badal, who happened to be a business partner of Mr. Musaddek Ali Falu (who subsequently became business partner of Mr. Salman F Rahman) was though stopped from leaving Bangladesh, his name now is visibly cleared from the charge, when his wife, met Mr. Farid Khan (elder brother of Commerce Minister Mr. Faruk Khan) at Summit Group office and reached into a settlement. Mr. Farid Khan's wife resides in Florida and has connection with some extremely powerful Bangladeshis there.

Communication minister Mr. Syed Abul Hosain is known to be a very powerful man in the cabinet, for multiple reasons, which no one would ever dare to write. Mr.Hosain has been extremely busy in misappropriating millions of dollars for him and for his "masters" behind the screen. His daughter, Ms. Rubaiyyat Hosain, who came into controversy after making a Bangla film named Meherjaan gave US$ 25 thousand toMrs. Jaya Bachchan for her role in the movie. Now, Ms. Hosain has also put US$ 10 million investment in Bollywood through a famous company in the Mumbai film industry. Wherefrom such money came? Yes, it is true that, Mr. Syed Hosain turned into a multi-millionaire by doing business with a Chinese company during the tenure of Husain Muhammed Ershad. Definitely his daughter has valid ground to invest from her father's wealth. But, only point here is, the entire transaction never had any endorsement from Bangladesh Bank. People may also question as to why a young and talented director like Ms. Rubaiyyat picked up a topic of controversy. People need to know the political background of Mr. Syed Hosain's father during the war of independence. No?

Mr. Syed Hosain purchased a luxury villa at Bermuda in June 2011 with US$ 4 million. No doubt, he is a man of fabulous luxury and taste. No?

Social Welfare Minister Mr. Enamul Huq's eldest son Rana, who did not have a valid source of income before 2009, has purchased 2 acre land at Savar, invested large amount of money in restaurant business with his friend and now planning to buy a property in London in the name of his younger brother? People has right to know this. No?

Two multi-level marketing companies in Bangladesh were accorded new life by the present government in exchange of a compensation TK 280 million "donation". One of the companies collected at least one billion Taka from the local people in the name of "Tree Plantation Program" at Chittagong Hill Tract. Obviously, this will be another massive scam as stock market within the span of 3-4 years, as this multi-level marketing company sold 60 times more the land they own to people, simply by alluring them with big profit "carrot". It is rumored that, this multi-level marketing company will require to pay TK 280 each year as "donation" to the influential people in power, in exchange of no legal action. People has right to know this. No?

People in Bangladesh will possibly be deprived of knowing most of the facts and truth. Because, when anyone will pick up pen to write against such corruption and irregularities, the people in power and their agents will jump on the beck of those revealers of truth and try to suffocate the voice. It did happen to most, if not all.

By Sunita Paul.