Thursday, August 18, 2011

RAW Says Mujib Was Not Their Agent

Former general secretary of the Research & Analysis Wing [RAW] Employees Association, R. K. Yadav has written a letter to Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on August 12, 2011, which was received by the Bangladesh High Commission in New Delhi, stating that, according to Revelation by former Secretary of RAW, K.Sankaran Nair, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman "was never working for the Indian intelligence."
Copy of this letter has also been sent to Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh.

In the letter, R. K. Yadav wrote: "Recent events in the bilateral relations between India and Bangladesh have begun new era in the friendship when your Government honoured late Mrs. Indira Gandhi with "Swadhinata Sommanona" [Bangladesh Freedom Honour] which was handed over to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on 25th July, at a function in Dhaka. This honour, though belated, is for her historical contribution in Bangladesh liberation war of 1971 which was the biggest military victory for Indian army after World War II in any other war.

Historically there are many other events related to this liberation war.

"While delivering a lecture on the 43rd anniversary of Agartala Conspiracy Case, on 20th June, 2011, Bangladesh President Zilur Rahman [name of the Bangladeshi President is misspelled] urged the historians, freedom fighters, writers and civil society members to come forward with responsibility to present "THE CORRECT HISTORY' of the nation before the new generation. He further added "Our young generation doesn't properly know the long history of the liberation war. At different times, history has been presented in distorted or factional ways". He made these remarks while inaugurating a function to mark the anniversary of this historical case at the IDEB Bhaban organized by The Historic Agartala Case Evaluation Council.

"There is no denying fact that this historic case united the whole of East Pakistan people against the military junta of West Pakistan in 1968-69 and ultimately paved the path for the birth of a new independent nation under the astute leadership of great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

"Whole of the material related to this court case is available with your Government. This is all based on the concoction of the then Pakistan Govt. in which 35 East Pakistan officials including Hon'ble Sheikh Mujibur Rahman were made accused in the case of sedition. Probably, from the Indian point of view, there could be no other point of reference or intervention in this case except to the fact that Indian intelligence agency, Intelligence Bureau [IB], was definitely involved in this case. Mr. K. Sankaran Nair, who later on became Secretary of Research and Analysis Wing [RAW] in 1977 was the operational officer of this case in Agartala and that is why the Pakistan Govt. termed it as Agartala Conspiracy Case in the court. He was working under cover as Col. Menon while briefing and de-briefing all those who were working for a particular cause planned by the Indian Intelligence, Intelligence Bureau. RAW came into existence on 21st Sept., 1968 and prior to that Intelligence Bureau was the only Indian Intelligence agency handling both internal and external affairs of India.

"Sankaran Nair is now over 90 years of age. He was head of Pakistan desk in Intelligence Bureau and subsequently played a very significant pivotal role in RAW in 1971 while training Mukti Bahini and helping Indian army for final assault on Pakistan force to get them surrender in Dhaka and ultimately liberation of Bangladesh from the clutches of Pakistan. He was number two in RAW under Mr. R. N. Kao and both were pioneer in their job for the liberation of Bangladesh."

Mr. Yadav informed the Bangladeshi Prime Minister that he is writing a book on Indian intelligence [RAW], where he also is describing RAW's role in the war of independence of Bangladesh in 1971. He also endorsed the fact that prior to the war of independence of Bangladesh, Indian intelligence were regularly meeting Pakistani nationals, giving them money and arms to continue insurgency inside East Pakistan. Yadav wrote: "I am working on a book related to Indian intelligence which also includes its role in the Bangladesh liberation war of 1971. In that context, I met many former intelligence officers of India. I met the founder of RAW, Shri R. N. Kao and his deputy K. Sankaran Nair many times. I discussed many other achievements of IB and RAW with both of them and while doing so K. Sankaran Nair in a tape recorded interview revealed and admitted to me that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman never worked for Intelligence Bureau of India and he was falsely implicated by the Pakistan military rulers. Sankaran Nair as Col. Menon met four East Pakistani citizens on the border of India and Pakistan near Agartala for operational planning in Eat Pakistan. He was assisted by Indian Naval officers and a Bihari IPS officer. He wanted to induce some new strategies for separatist activities. Prior to that he gave them financial aid and supplied arms to fight Pakistan army. Subsequently, these people wanted to raid the armoury in East Pakistan which was resisted by Sankaran Nair. He warned them not to raid the armoury and suggested that more arms would be floated to them through river on barges by the Indian intelligence which could be collected at suitable points for insurgency against the Pakistanis. These East Pakistani citizens ignored his suggestion and along with other colleagues raided the armoury which resulted in the arrest of 34 persons and the case as Agartala Conspiracy case was registered in a military court in Dhaka. An Indian diplomat P. N. Ojha, who was IB operative in Dhaka at that time, was declare Persona Non Grata [PNG] by the Pakistan Govt. and deported to India for his involvement in this case, which was a fact.

"According to Sankaran Nair, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was never agent of Indian Intelligence nor was he involved in this case and if he was implicated in the court case that was what the Pakistanis had done at the behest of Yahya Khan, the then Army Chief of Pakistan. Subsequently, whole of East Pakistan was united and stood against the West Pakistan in this case which paved the way of independence of Bangladesh.

"Even the present Deputy Speaker of Bangladesh Parliament, Mr. Shaukat Ali, who was one of the accused in this case, has admitted the facts of this case. This is all History and case details are available on records with your govt but there is no legal proof to wipe out the blot on Sheikh Mujbur Rahman of being the agent of Indian Intelligence. This tape recorded admission of K. Sankaran Nair is the only proof which could be legally used to assist your govt if it desires to reopen this case and get his name removed historically as the agent of Indian intelligence. I am willing to give that relevant portion of this tape along with sample of a video tape of Sankaran Nair to match the authenticity of audio tape with the permission of Indian govt who can get it legally transferred to your govt as per the provisions of International Law. If need be, I am willing to depose in this case in your country along with these necessary material with the permission of Indian Govt. This is one of the instances of the history of liberation which the President of Bangladesh perhaps referred in para first above.

Moreover this evidence to clear the name of Father of Nation in this case, could be a surprise gift to you in particular and to the people of Bangladesh on the Martyrdom day of the great leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the coming 15th August."