Saturday, September 10, 2011

Advantage India In Bangladesh Land Swap

The India-Bangladesh land border agreement, concluded recently by prime minister Manmohan Singh during Dhaka trip, has sparked protests and allegations of a sell off in the north-east.

However, India has got double of what Bangladesh got in Assam, from the land border agreement the two nations signed, sources said. Available details from the agreement show India got 714 acres (all in boundary demarcation), and Bangladesh about 357 acres.

“There are accusations that India gave away 665 acres in Assam. That’s not true. We got almost double of what has been given to Bangladesh. And most of the areas given to Bangladesh were the ones that had been in their possession since Independence, and were only pending a settlement,” sources said. Also, sources added, the deal will only be implemented after it is ratified by parliament.

Sources said the agreement has been balanced in terms of the areas exchanged.

“The agreement had been signed by all four north-eastern states with stakes in the agreement. And they are all happy with it,” sources said.

Sources explained, in Assam, the boundary issue had 3 adverse possessions and 1 case of demarcation of boundary. In the first case of adverse possession in Nayagaon area Bangladesh wanted “145 acres”. “We gave them none,” sources said.

In Palakhal area India gave “74.5 acres,” and in Boraibari “193 acres”.

“area had been in their possession since independence. In case of adverse possessions, they had asked for 793 acres, but we only gave them about 267 acres,” a source said. India got its share of the deal, 714 acres, in boundary demarcation.