Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bangladesh For Sale – Or Already Sold?

People always may have their own way of thinking. This is the age of democracy, where people are supposed to freely express their opinion. But in today’s world, only few of the rulers ever wish to hear criticism. They rather feel comfortable with sycophants. That happens in most of the places. None of the leaders appreciate people knowing the truth also some times. They (leaders) mostly want to do everything with the excuse of ‘aspiration of the people’, while in reality; most of such actions are aimed at protecting their grip over power.

Honestly, it is very difficult to find a true democrat or a good ruler in today’s world. The entire concept of democracy and democratic institutions have unfortunately transformed into mere dictatorship in everywhere in the world. Politicians have become so much ‘power blind’ that they compromise with national interest, every now and then, whenever they find the right opportunity of doing so, just for the sake of continuing in power. In South Asia, such situation is alarmingly prevalent in some countries, and more precisely, Bangladesh is the latest inclusion in the list.

Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is scheduled to arrive in Bangladesh on September 6 with the agenda of getting at least 7 protocols and bilateral (in fact unilaterally favorable to India only) treaties, agreements and protocols. According to Indian media, Dhaka is ready to ‘consummate’ such ‘precious opportunity of establishing closer ties with New Delhi’. The politicians in Dhaka have no bad feelings in them, although they know, India will just be taking everything from Bangladesh through these treaties and protocols and agreements, while give almost nothing in return. Some political pundits in Bangladesh wrongly predict that such treaties, protocols and agreements will turn Bangladesh into another Sikkim. But, unfortunately, their predictions are absolutely wrong. India does not aspire to transform Bangladesh into another Sikkim by annexing it geographically. Rather, India wants to turn Bangladesh into a subservient state like Nepal, where Indian agendas will be accepted and implemented without uttering a single word.

After many decades of the independence of Bangladesh, Indian policymakers have got the right opportunity with the current government led by Mrs. Sheikh Hasina Wazed, who is willing to ensure to be in power till 2025 at the cost of ‘anything’. Many say, rulers in Dhaka are now ready to compromise independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh as well even get many of the national interests ‘screwed’ just to make sure, Indian government in delighted.

Let us have a glimpse over what Bangladesh has so far prepared for their special guest, who arrives on September 6. In addition to numerous ‘gifts’, Bangladesh will handover ULFA leader Anup Chetia, Laxmi Prashad and Babul Sharma to Indian authorities as ‘appetizer’ as soon as Manmohan steps into Dhaka. Bangladesh is going to give land, water and railway transit as a rate, which is one-hundredth in compared to any other agreements of such nature in anywhere in the world. Bangladesh actually will continue to lose, with this transit treaty – rather, it will become the permanent shackle on Bangladeshi nations, to remain drowned in debts for years after years. One of the Indian newspapers said, ‘for the first time, Indian politicians are going to taste the cheapest political whores in Bangladeshi policymakers. They want to sacrifice everything just for the sake of remaining in power.’

Not encouraging for any nation, I believe! Manmohan will also take back, Delhi’s claimed land, annexed by Bangladesh, while he will not handover, what Bangladesh has been claiming to have been annexed by Delhi for decades. Dr. Singh will also get the maritime treaty signed with Bangladesh, where Dhaka will practically lose its legitimate ownership over a large area in the Bay of Bengal.

Mr. Chidambaram has already signed an Memorandum of Understanding with his counterpart, Advocate Sahara Khatun, under which, Indian elite forces will land in Bangladesh from November this year for joining ‘Bangladeshi elite forces in combating terrorism.’ Well, Delhi will definitely combat any activities of Indian insurgents inside Bangladesh. This is the broad-based meaning of the term ‘terrorism’. Under this MOU, India gets legal right to strike Bangladeshi land through air, water or road ways, even without ‘leaking advance intelligence report on existence of such terrorist bases within Bangladesh’.

Delhi also gets the legal status to arrest, interrogate and even repatriate any suspected terrorist inside Bangladesh. It is well understood that, Awami League will greatly use this provision with Indian help in cracking their political opponents and political enemies inside the country.

Do any of these facts sound favorable for any nation which would claim to be sovereign? It doesn’t of course. But, this is the road; Bangladesh Awami League has finally opted to walk. And possibly it is not difficult to predict what would be the ultimate result. It is surprising enough to see, people of Bangladesh are not only put into dark about all these agreements, treaties and protocols, but their attention has been already shifted to smaller issues like road communication etc. Pro-Awami League think-tanks and so-called members of civil society (all aligned towards Awami League) are jumping into this issue to make sure, people of Bangladesh wont wake up before final ‘consummation’ with India is over.

September 11 is a black day in the history of humanity when, United States was attacked by Islamic terrorists years back. Now, September 6 is going to be a real black day, for the people of Bangladesh.

By - Sunita Paul.