Friday, October 14, 2011

‘Corridor’ Threats To Sovereignty

Speakers at a seminar today viewed that country’s security and sovereignty will be under threat if the government move for giving ‘corridor’ to India in the name of transit facility is implemented.

BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir alleged that some intellectuals had earlier viewed that in this age of globalization, giving transit facility should be good for the country for global connectivity. But good sense has dawned upon them. The same intellectuals are now opposing the government move saying transit facility to India will be harmful for Bangladesh.

The seminar titled ‘Corridor in the name of transit and present perspective’ held at Institute of Engineers was organized by Bangladesh Sammilito Peshajibi Parishad. Mahmudur Rahman presided.

Fakhrul ridiculed the statement of PM’s adviser Dr Moshiur Rahman who said that tolls could not be collected from the Indian vehicles carrying goods to the eastern states in the absence of trained officials. India is already carrying goods from the west to its eastern states over Bangladesh, what the government say, on trial basis.

He said the nation was unlucky that the people have voted to power a political party which is compromising the national interest to its alien masters.

“We are gravely concerned about the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country,” he added.

He noted with regret that the government has bartered away the national interest. It has given corridor to India without getting the due share of the Teesta waters.” If we do not get water, for whose interest we will give transit facility?” questioned the BNP leader.

Fakhrul said in the past students community, especial the Dhaka University, played a pivotal role in raising national issues. But, he lamented, none of the student groups protested the brutal killing of Falani by BSF on the border, whose body was hanging on the barbed wire fence raised by India along the border.

Dr Mahbub Ullah of Dhaka University said India does not want to change our map. They want to make this country caged for which barbed wire fence was raised all along the border.

India is afraid of its disintegration, the bell of which was rung by independence movement in the eastern states and Kashmir, intensified by rising Maoist insurgency in 20 out of 28 states of India.

Bangladesh Kalyan Party chairman Major General (retd) Syed Mohamamd Ibrahim informed seminar that several thousand Indian national infiltrated into Bangladesh without passport. Many of them are acting as spies.

He viewed with concern that India wants the Bangladesh corridor to transport troops and arms from the west to the eastern states where people have been fighting for independence from India. They would also use the corridor to reach Arunachal Pradesh, a disputed area claimed by China. The corridor facility to transport troops and arms would cause annoyance to Bangladesh’s tested friend China.

Ibrahim said India intended to curve out its naval route through Bangladesh ultimately to have military bases threatening our national security and sovereignty.

Mahmudur Rahman informed that Bangladesh Sammilito Peshajibi Parishad will go for a long march to Akhaura port protesting transit facility to India after Eid-ul Azha.