Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bangladesh Army: Mid-level Officers of Bangladesh Army are Bringing down Changes Soon

Bangladesh Army, another name of Independence of Bangladesh, is passing a transitional phase. Its sufferings in the recent past from the BDR carnage were the beginning of it. Now, it seems, the transition is coming to a positive end.

The BDR Carnage:

The BDR carnage was a planned massacre on the Army to eliminate many of the bright, upright and capable officers to render it unable to defend the independence of Bangladesh anymore. Some of the corrupt political leaders including few of the Generals and Senior Officers were the local players beside the neighboring foreign Intelligence Agency, RAW. This is an open secret to all ranks of Bangladesh Military Forces and the mass population by this time. The collaborators of BDR massacre are now trying to save its key planners by hiding the real issues, launching mass cases against BDR soldiers, killing those who know the facts. The whole massacre was about a step ahead to make the country a surrogate state of India like ‘Sikkim’. These patriotic martyred officers were one of the major obstacles of this vice plan.

Some of the top brass of Bangladesh Army e.g. present CGS General Moinul, DG DGFI Maj General Mamun Khaled, Logistic Area Commander Maj General Reza Noor, Brigadier General Motiur, ADG, DGFI and many others have sold their loyalty to RAW to serve their purpose in this country. DGFI has become, by this time, an active tool of neighboring Intelligence Organization, RAW to achieve this objective of making this country a surrogate state. Some of the senior officials of DGFI are in fact receiving regular salaries and benefits from RAW for doing the job on their behalf. In fact, DGFI is divided into two parts recently. While the common men and officers of DGFI are little aware of the situation, the RAW controlled part of DGFI has setup separate safe houses and facilities to serve their purpose. In many cases RAW is operating in disguise of DGFI with its full consent. The common men and officers of DGFI are highly dissatisfied as they are being misused for the purpose of betraying the nation. They know for sure that in the times of calamity, they are not going to get shelters in neighboring India like the ‘payroll agents’ who have secured these facilities abroad.

The 2nd phase of BDR Carnage:

Joy, Sheikh Hasina’s son making financial scandals in USA, lied when he said: “65 percent soldiers of Bangladesh Army are ‘Madrasha’ passed students”- to keep some of the Western countries happy on their performance against terrorism. In fact, Joy and other key planners were planning to get rid of all the officers with uprightness, honor and dignity from Bangladesh Army to achieve their ultimate aim. The BDR massacre was the start of it. Now the 2nd phase of BDR massacre is taking place by arresting and abducting, officially and un-officially, the bright officers like Lt Col Haseen, Lt Col Zaydee and retired Lt Col Ehsan Yousuf and so on. Even before this, five officers were arrested and sent to jail with a plea which could not be proved at all. It’s an open secret to all that the crime of those five was nothing but their demand of a proper trial of the criminals including the planners of BDR massacre and raising their voice for that purpose. Many other officers had to go for forced retirement, even some with forced ‘voluntary retirement’ in the recent past.

Every week 2/3 officers are being arrested / abducted by DGFI with different plea. Recently, Maj Zia of MIST was arrested and now he is fleeing with his life here and there. On the other hand, some of the serving officers are interviewed by joint team of RAW and DGFI in Chittagong and elsewhere. Nobody knows, how many officers are arrested and abducted in different divisions till now as they have successfully created a mistrust among the officers to not to share these kinds of information.

All these are done with the same aim of rendering the Bangladesh Army ineffective day by day and its ultimate elimination which is a major step to turn Bangladesh into another ‘Sikkim’.

Watering Down the Muslim Identity:
Beside this vice plan about Bangladesh Army, they have a plan to erase the Muslim identity of this Army and the mass population at large. Specially, within Army, the Generals and senior officers who are with the ‘RAW controlled group’ have demonstrated unbecoming attitude towards many of the Muslim practices. Some of those Generals forcefully made young officers to shave their beards.

Officially and unofficially DGFI and other intelligence organizations are making list of personnel who have grown beards. This list is updated and checked almost weekly basis. They portray to all as if growing beard is a crime in this country where as in the neighboring India, many grow beards and put on their turban in all the formal and informal Army gatherings.

They have made separate list of those officers and soldiers who offer five times prayers. These indicate that this wicked group is working as an enemy of Islam and they consider those who offer five times prayer are obstacles to their agenda. Even they have made separate list of those who attend the mosques in Fajr and I’sha prayers. In places, local intelligence staffs attend the five times prayers with their ‘walkie-talkie’ set turned on with high volumes, to let the people at the mosque know that ‘intelligence people are in and around’. Is this possible in an independent Muslim country!!!

Beside the list of officers whose wives adhere to Islamic dress code, Hijab, they have now made a separate list of soldiers whose wives adhere to the same. Slowly and gradually they have created an atmosphere of terror among the adherents of Islamic faith. They have planned to get rid of all practicing Muslim officers and men from this Army for the fear that they will remain as a hindrance to their vice plan. How is it possible that, being fed by the public tax, these culprits openly speak and work against the common religious sentiment of mass population of this country? Some says, it is because “the common officers and men were silent spectators to all these”.

Why this group is doing all these is an also very important. They know from history that if the Muslim identity of this Army and country as a whole remains intact, then their dream of turning this country into another ‘Sikkim’ will never come true. So, their second objective is watering down the Muslim identity of this Army and the country.

Worsening Situation of the Country:

The signs and symptoms of this vice plan of turning this country into another ‘Sikkim’ at national level are: giving away transit facilities to India without any financial benefits by destroying many of the river channels and road systems, reducing the presence of the Army at the Chittagong Hill Tracts, erasing ‘bismillah’ and ‘reliance upon Allah’ from the constitution, security operations of Indian security forces in Sylhet and elsewhere inside the country denying the rights of an independent state, formulating women and education policies against the religious customs and norms of mass population, saving the culprits of share market scandals, zero resistance against illegal ‘Tipai Mukh’ dam, no resistance against regular killing of innocent Bangladeshi population by Indian Border Security Forces (BSF) and destroying the whole economic system of the country etc. These are not the ends rather these are the introduction of the incoming phases. If they go unchallenged, Bangladesh will witness these kinds of events in manifolds. If these are not attacks on the independence of a state, then what are these? If Bangladesh Army is receiving its salary to defend the independence of the country, then it must act in these kinds of situations.

What’s coming next?

Obviously, all Army Generals are not with this wicked group. So, the RAW controlled group considers those outside them to be obstacles to their vicious plan. So, they are going to sack, forcefully retire those senior Generals who are not with them, just after the Winter Collective Training (WCT). The time line is WCT because those Generals may move against them upon receiving such decisions as they are with troops deployed on the ground and it’s easier to move out from the exercise areas.

After neutralizing these Generals, they will get hold of other senior and mid-level officers whom they consider obstacles to their path. They have a plan about the student officers of MIST, those recently passed or presently studying there, to remove them from the service in any way. They will create an issue against each and every one of them, the way they created false issues against the five officers sent to jail or Lt Col Haseen etc. That is their ultimate tool to manage the naive ones. The declaration of handing over the land documents of Army Officers Housing Society (AOHS) is their trump card to keep everybody satisfied and dreaming till that time.

After dealing with the Army, they are going to eliminate Khaleda Zia, half of the ‘Minus Two Formula’. The next half of the same formula will take place after the 2nd so called ‘1/11’ in the plea of saving the country. Although they would like to do it with the consent of Sheikh Hasina, they want to eliminate her either to have a free run. Indian RAW, by this time, is sure that the present government cannot deliver them their desired fruits by going against the public demands. So, they have chosen their other alternative, the proxies from the Army – this time more decisively then the previous ‘1/11 group’. Major General Mamun khaled is now making a new palace at his Army residence at Dhaka cantonment with a desire to stay there for coming decades and to rule the country.

The Mid-Level Officers’ Plans:

The mid-level officers (Lt Col and below) have decided to rise up in this grave situation of the Army and the motherland itself. Otherwise, the Bangladesh Army and the independence of this country are at a stake.

They will get hold of the planners of BDR mutiny first and bring them to justice and free the BDR soldiers who are not defaulters. Since, this mass-arrest is an obstacle created by this wicked group to deny justice for the original criminals.

They will also free all the illegally detained officers and men at the earliest opportunity. All the officers and men unduly sacked and forcefully retired will be reverted in the Army immediately.

They will stop the present fraud Army Officers Housing Society (AOHS) project in which land is forcefully occupied with the help of criminals. Rather they have decided to convert all the existing ‘Golf Grounds’ to Army Housing Society. For a poor country like Bangladesh, maintaining huge Golf Grounds is a foolish luxury. These are the places where serving Army Generals turn into diplomats and politicians, rather than true soldiers.

All training in the Army will be realistic from now onwards basing on ‘what we have’, not on ‘what we are supposed to have’.

The leadership of the Army will be handed over to the existing Army Generals who are honest, dynamic, non-partisan and true patriotic soldiers.

All diplomatic ties with India will be freeze until they stop killing of innocent Bangladeshi population and hand over the killers of BDR massacre. Furthermore, they will be forced to comply with the International norms and standards regarding sharing of river-water and constructing dams. All transit facilities will be freeze until Bangladesh receives similar facilities from India or proportional financial benefits.

The diplomatic relations with all other friendly nations will remain as usual with mutual benefits and understanding.

All activities against the religious sentiment of mass population in the country as a whole and in the Army are going to be stopped immediately.

‘Bismilla’ and ‘the reliance upon Allah’ will be reinstituted in the constitution with immediate effect. Recent controversial policies regarding women and education etc will be reviewed with competent Islamic scholars to get rid of all the articles against the religious sentiment of mass population of the country.

The culprits of share market scandals will be brought to justice and will be forced to pay back the stolen money of the general mass.

All the public sectors of Bangladesh will be run with the views and recommendations of a body of experts of the concerned fields.

What Now?

Interestingly, some of the Army Generals are already taking sides with mid-level officers sensing the impending changes. They have vowed their help and support to the mid-level officers in this grave situation of the Army and the country.

Since, the hypocrites are always afraid and weak; the mid-level officers think that they can bring down all necessary changes to put Bangladesh Army and the country at the right track. The mid-level officers have requested all ranks and files of Bangladesh Armed Forces and the patriotic population of the country to join them in this ‘call of duty’, similar to the Liberation War.

They have requested all the common officers and men to ensure that none of the culprits can flee away once they move out. They have vowed to get hold of the agents of the wicked group at first to stop any kind of betrayal in between the process.

May Allah bless Bangladesh.