Friday, February 17, 2012

INDIAN MEDIA SAY : Dhaka hackers win cyber war against Delhi

Indian Hackers group, Ashell announced Cyberwar against Bangladesh. All Indian hackers have joined together to launch cyberwar against Bangaldesh websites.

Earlier Indian Hackers group send friendly request to Bangladeshi Hackers to stop defacing Indian sites. It seems to be that they haven’t accept the request, they keep defacing the Indian sites. So Indian hackers retaliate by defacing the Bangladeshi websites.

Following this incident, Bangladeshi hackers group bbhh also said that they are ready for the game. They published a video on youtube and named the operation as #Op-India. It seems to be that they steal the anonymous video and modified it.

Computer hacking is broadly defined as any action that results in unauthorized interference with a computer, computer system or network. Computer hacking includes breaking into a computer with the intent to steal, damage, modify or monitor data or settings within the system.

India has so far hacked six Bangladeshi sites against 20,000 Indian websites hacked by Bangladeshi IT talents. Bangladesh has got a victory over the cyber warfare against India as hackers could inactivate most of the major Indian websites including the border security Force (BSF), reports the Deccan Chronicle of India on Tuesday.

The group based in Bangladesh posted in their community page that their action was in response to the killings by BSF personnel in the border. BSF’s website was completely damaged in the process.

One hacker belonging to the Black hat Hackers posted in the Facebook fan page of the group: “We don’t have any personal issues with the Indians. But the brutality of BSF as well as Indian Government has forced us to do this.”

While another posted, “India supported us in 1971, now they r killing us!!!! An open enemy is better than a false friend.

“I don’t care even if death comes... I’ll keep fighting for my motherland until we get victory...!!!’ reads another post.

The group also hacked website a popular Stock Tips, Stock News website of India.

The hackers after defacing many websites posted: Indian Border Security Force (BSF), Stop killing Bangladeshis at border. Bangladeshi Hackers group named 3xp1r3 Cyber Army also has hacked into more than 700 other Indian websites.

After hacking 20,000 Indian sites the Black Hat posted on internet celebrating their hacking episode. It claimed that hundreds of new cyber friends are joining them to sharpen the attack against Indian websites and many private internet users are helping them voluntarily.

Ashell India has left the Cyber World because of fear. So it can be said that India has lost in this Cyber War. The hackers also posted the videos of alleged brutality of the BSF personnel at the border, the report added.

Close on the heels, China and Pakistan persistently hacking Indian Central Government and corporate websites, Bangladeshi hackers have joined the club through cyber attacks on India — targeting the Border Security Force (BSF) in particular against which it carries a grouse for perceived atrocities on Bangla nationals, reports The Pioneer from Delhi on Thursday.

China and Pakistan have been carrying out cyber offensives in the past and the Indian hackers have also been retaliating to such attacks.

Cyber security expert Dhruv Soi said, “With Bangladeshi hackers joining the cyber offensives against India, the Government of India must adopt better mechanisms to safeguard cyber space.”