Friday, July 22, 2011

India too corrupt to be superpower: R C Guha Guha writing under the above caption in the Financial Times said the corruption by India's ruling elite is a cause of grave concern. Politicians in India have abused power. Rectifying this is India's new challenge. Corruption scandals have implicated many of the country's most powerful leaders.

Corruption is not new in India but the scale and ubiquity of this problem is unprecedented. Corruption has tainted the media as well. Influential editors lobby with pliant politicians to curry favour.
India is no more what its founders Gandhi, Nehru, Maulana Azad had dreamt for. They believed in religious pluralism.
The attempts at insulating the administration and the judiciary from the influence of capricious politicians have remained unfulfilled. Prime Minister Manmohon Singh himself an honest person has not stood up to corrupt cabinet colleagues.
If nothing else, the corruption sandals will put a halt to premature talk of India's imminent rise to superpower status. Such fancies are characteristics of gullible editors. The dream of catching up with China is far fetched.
The truth is that India is in no position to become a superpower. It is not even a rising power nor even an emerging power wrote Ramachandra Guha in the Financial Times.